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Mercier Therapy Helps Infertile Women Become Pregnant ( a 4 year ongoing study completed in September 2012 )

March 2013- Midwifery Today Journal publishes our abstract in their Spring Journal

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April 2013-Massage Therapy Foundation, Boston, Massachusetts


October 2013-Interdisciplinary World Congress of Low Back and Pelvic Pain, Dubai, U.A.E



Our Abstract Mercier Therapy Helps Infertile Women Become Pregnant will be presented at the:

February 2014-International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health

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February 2014- Mercier Therapy is welcomed to Copenhagen, Denmark by special invitation of the Union of Danish Physiotherapists for lecture presentation and Mercier Therapy Professional Training class


A Few Words About Me




Mission Statement

Mercier Therapy provides a safe, gentle, and naturally minded pelvic visceral manipulative technique for women facing fertility challenges, experiencing pelvic pain, recovering from gynecologic surgery, and having undergone traumatic birthing experiences. Our goal is to serve women of all ages—from teens to those going through menopause—who are searching for a more natural approach to a multitude of pelvic issues. Our practices started when we saw that this type of therapy is lacking today. We want to be the first to offer such a unique healing experience. The ultimate intention of Mercier Therapy is to help women navigate their way through infertility and pelvic pain so they can see tangible results. We want to provide a solution that makes sense.





Who am I & what do I do?

Everything i do, i do with love and passion!

Jennifer Mercier, Ph.D. continually rises to meet the needs of women, helping them to make the best possible health and wellness choices. Being healthy and making more healthy decisions is a choice. Jennifer works in a holistic setting that is serene and peaceful– and encourages you to come in for a visit to experience her commitment to YOU.




The treatments themselves do not cure the condition, they simply restore the body’s self-healing ability. Leon Chaitow, N.D., D.O.